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After what could have been years of training to become a chef, you find yourself in charge of a kitchen. Now guess what? You discover that instead of being free to create culinary masterpieces, a lot of your time is spent buying – either from a Cash and Carry or a wholesaler. It’s not just the buying either. You are also responsible for stock control, budgets, stock rotation, portion control, checking for GMOs… the list can seem endless.

If this is you or if you have staff in this situation, you could benefit from talking to us.

Our trained territory managers would be happy to visit you to discuss our services.




Years of experience

Fantastic, friendly and courteous service both in person and by phone. Delivery and orders are on time and always in stock or an alternative available

Colette McShane

What we Do

Total Food Purchasing

Caterers can look to us to source all their food requirements including fresh foods – fresh fruit and veg, fresh fish, milk and butcher meat. We negotiate prices with fresh food suppliers on behalf of our customers, using our bulk buying power to command better prices than might be available to customers on their own. Orders are routed through our telesales team – so one call covers everything. We handle all the hassles from progress chasing through to invoicing.

Stock Control

Our stock control system ensures that caterers stock what is needed and only what is needed. No more running out of essentials beacause you forgot to order them. No more wastage because goods are past their best before date. Reduce your investment in stock and increase efficiency.

Stock Valuation

Do you know how much money you have tied up in stock? Our system of stock valuation provides up to the minute data to enable customer to keep control of their investment.

Usage Monitoring

Food Usage Data is available to management regularly. Excessive usage or wastage is highlighted which ensures that the profitability of a unit is not obscured by changing stock levels.

Budgetary Control

Every caterer faces pressures. We recognise this and work with customers to set up realistic budgets and then monitor per capita spend so that overspending is highlighted before its too late to do anything about it.

Menu Planning

With years of experience of dealing with caterers in specialist fields like care homes, we can assist in setting menus suitable for most situations. Coupled with our stock control techniques, the menu planning service can cut costs while still ensuring that nutritional targets are met.

Fantastic, friendly and courteous service both in person and by phone. Delivery and orders are on time and always in stock or an alternative available.

Colette McShane

I feel you offer an overall excellent service to our establishment… keep up the good work.

Carroll Davers

A helpful and responsible supplier… nothing a bother

Janet McShane

The drivers are always polite and helpful and a credit to your company… Yules are an excellent company.. Keep up the good work.

Whitelaw Court

Over all the years we have dealt with Yules the service has been excellent


Prompt and conscientious service… Problems dealt with quickly

Isobel Church